People give to Urbana Theological Seminary for a variety of reasons. Consider the following eternal and immediate benefits as motivations for your gifts.

Eternal Benefits

  • Give to Strengthen Urbana Theological Seminary
    A gift to Urbana Theological Seminary will help to improve the academic and student programs, as well as the caliber of teaching and research carried out. This in turn will enhance the school's ability to recruit more talented students and faculty. Success builds upon success and a degree from Urbana Theological Seminary will keep growing in value.
  • Give in Appreciation
    Many donate to the Seminary in gratitude for God's work in their own lives, or as a means of expressing thanks for how the Lord has impacted their own lives through the ministry of an Urbana Theological Seminary student, faculty, or graduate. Others might want to ensure that future students will have the opportunity to experience an Urbana Theological Seminary education and its benefits. A gift might memorialize a particular person whose impact was felt in the life of the donor.
  • Invest in the future of Christ's Kingdom
    A gift to Urbana Theological Seminary is a means of investing in the future of the church and the spread of the kingdom of Christ. A donation to Urbana Theological Seminary will impact the life of students who are enrolled, both now and over the years to come. This creates a "ripple effect," in that a gift to the Seminary will touch the lives of those that the student will minister to over the course of a career. The impact of these gifts may be hard to quantify at the time they are donated, but may be very far-reaching in the decades to come. One gift may enable a student to gain needed education today. Over the next several decades that one student may impact the lives of hundreds, or literally thousands, of people for Christ.

Immediate Benefits

  • Tax and Income Benefits
    Donors to Urbana Theological Seminary may benefit from:
    1. Income tax savings through a charitable deduction for the value of the gift
    2. Life income for themselves and/or others through life income grants
    3. The possibility of higher spendable income from life income gift arrangements
    4. Elimination of a federal estate tax on the value of a gift coming to Urbana Theological Seminary under a will or a revocable trust
    5. Possible reduction in estate administration costs
    6. Avoidance of capital gains tax on gifts of appreciated securities and property
  • Matching Gifts
    Through the generosity of matching gift programs offered by many firms and companies, your donation to Urbana Theological Seminary can be increased. Businesses that match employee gifts ensure that their charitable resources support causes important to their employees and to the community. Check with your company’s human resources department to see if they offer a matching gift program.
  • Donor Recognition
    For their contributions to Urbana Theological Seminary, donors receive grateful acknowledgement on the part of the Seminary, as well as regular communication from the school. Opportunities are available for donors who desire greater exposure to the lives of students and/or a chance to volunteer in accomplishing the mission of Urbana Theological Seminary.
  • Keep ministry training affordable
    Urbana Theological Seminary relies heavily on private support to fund the education of our students in order to allow students to invest their lives in ministry as soon and as long as possible after graduation. We do not desire to burden a person seeking a ministry career with overriding financial concerns that distract attention from the essential studies that prepare for the task of service ahead. Nor is it wise to force seminary students to assume a heavy burden of debt, that will be difficult to pay off once in a ministry career. Thus in the interest of keeping theological education as accessible as possible we will purposely keep our costs for tuition and fees low.