The Great Divorce

The Great Divorce may not be C. S. Lewis’s best known work, but it provides a thought-provoking look into sin and human nature. In this symbolic story, those who live in hell are given the opportunity to take a bus ride to heaven. Anyone who chooses may, if they like, stay in heaven after they have seen it. But that is the catch: staying is going to involve changing, and they have to want to change. The Fellowship for Performing Arts has adapted this story into a stage play that will be playing in Wheaton IL in March. On Saturday March 28, a group from Urbana Theological Seminary is planning to go to see the 4:00 showing. Here is how it will work: you will need to get your tickets on your own (or find a few friends to order tickets together so you can sit with each other). The group who is going will meet together at a designated place earlier in the day on March 4. We will ride up together, then watch the play. Afterwards, we will go out to eat to discuss the play before driving back to C-U. Our student Susan Hinesly has already seen it, and here is what she has to say:

“My husband Chris & I took the opportunity to travel to Indianapolis in mid Nov to see the Fellowship for Performing Arts production of C. S. Lewis The Great Divorce. Three actors played 19 character parts as they performed many of the book’s vignettes. Following the performance we had a Q & A with the show’s Producer. I thought the performance was great and it brought to life and clarified Lewis’ book. I was certainly glad we went. Consider making the trip for yourself. It is important that we support Christian arts.
FPA is currently working on their next production Martin Luther on Trial. The Christian Reformation will celebrate it’s 500th anniversary in 2017. There is more information in the second link below. For more information on FPA or the Great Divorce, you can go to
I pray our UTS community will have a remarkable and spiritual filled spring semester. God bless as you!”

For tickets, you need to go to this website:

For questions, or to get in on the carpool/dinner plans, contact