Textbooks are available at the Urbana Seminary online bookstore. This can be accessed through the homepage, or through each individual course’s populi page, on the right hand side of the info tab.

Academic Advising

Each student is assigned an advisor for the period of their studies at Urbana Theological Seminary and is encouraged to seek academic advising for planning the course of studies from this advisor.


Currently Urbana Theological Seminary has its offices and library in Champaign, IL. The school rents the third floor of University Baptist Church at 314 E. Daniel Street under the terms of a shared space agreement. Classes are held in various churches around the cities of Champaign, Urbana, and Savoy. For a list of current classroom facilities visit Course Locations.


Currently, our library contains a growing collection of approximately 13,000 volumes and a small collection of journals. Computer and internet access are available. Currently the dean’s office oversees the collection and provides assistance for library patrons when needed. Click here to visit our library’s webpage.

Access to other libraries

Any resident of the state of Illinois is, with proof of residency, allowed to acquire a library card for the University of Illinois library at Champaign/Urbana. As the seventh largest library in the United States, this allows our students who are Illinois residents full access to an amazing collection, including access to approximately 350,000 titles in the theological disciplines and another 360,000 in relevant and closely related disciplines.

Student Activities

Opportunities for our students to get together are intended to deepen the community experience of Urbana Theological Seminary. Each year there are several events in which the entire school has the opportunity to gather together. For example, Corporate worship is a vital aspect of any community of faith, and therefore we periodically hold seminary chapel services led by students, faculty and occasional guests. We often hold a Christmas party that all students are invited to attend. Events such as the Oriental Institute Tour led by Dr. Cuffey or the annual Tolkien conference offer other opportunities to learn and grow in a community experience. Other opportunities such as occasional lectures or movie discussions bring together the whole community. The first Urbana Theological Seminary Lecture was held in 2004 with Dr. J. Christopher Wright from England. Further student life opportunities are developed by the Seminary, as various opportunities come up.

Community Prayer

At various times throughout the semester, the seminary comes together to pray for the school. Students, faculty, staff, board members, and friends participate in this time to worship God and pray for the seminary.

Alumni Employment

Our graduates have been successful in their post-graduation endeavors. Many of them work in a wide variety of fields such as missions, pastoring, computer programming, or running businesses. Others have gone on to further their education through D. Min or PhD programs elsewhere. Our graduates live across the country and around the world. Though we cannot guarantee employment after graduation, we try to prepare our students to be successful wherever God has called them and provide encouragement for them in the search for placement.