Each student is responsible for knowing the regulations, policies, and other program requirements of the Seminary. While administrative personnel and the student’s advisor may provide appropriate reminders of opportunities and obligations, the primary responsibility for knowing and fulfilling all policies rests with the individual student.

Student Services

Nondiscriminatory Policy

Urbana Theological Seminary does not discriminate based on age, race, disability, gender, and national or ethnic origin in any circumstance. All programs and privileges will be equally accessible and offered to all people affiliated with the Seminary. Urbana Seminary will strive for diversity across all levels of the student body, the staff, and the faculty.


Registration for courses is done online through the Seminary website (www.urbanatheologicalseminary.org). If you do not have Internet access, please contact the Urbana Seminary office.

Student Counseling Services

Students in need of professional counseling may contact the Urbana Seminary office for more information.


Textbooks are available through the Urbana Seminary online bookstore. Urbana Seminary Bookstore.

Student Policies

Sexual Harassment Policy

Sexual harassment is defined as unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature. Harassment defined herein results in a negative academic consequence if the student does not submit, or can have the purpose or effect of interfering with an individual’s work or educational performance creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive learning environment. Sexual harassment encompasses any unwanted sexual attention. Sexual harassment includes, but is not limited to, unwelcome verbal, visual, or physical behaviors. The following types of actions may constitute sexual harassment whether the harasser is a student, an employee, or a faculty member: deliberate assault, demanding sexual favors accompanied by implied threats regarding the person’s academic status or implied promise of preferential treatment, unnecessary touching, hugging, or degrading comments or jokes of a sexual nature. Sexual harassment is inconsistent with Christ’s call to purity in life and is against the law. It will not be tolerated at Urbana Theological Seminary. The administration will take proper action against any individual that has sexually harassed another individual. Any student who believes that he or she has experienced sexual harassment should report the harassment to Student Affairs. If after the experience is reported, the student does not feel he or she has achieved a satisfactory conclusion, the student may at that time report the incident to the Student Life Committee of the Board of Trustees.

Student Behavior Warranting Expulsion Or Dismissal

A student may be dismissed in the following cases:

  • Behaviors in lifestyle incongruent with the mission and morality of Urbana Theological Seminary, or flagrant inconsistency in Christian lifestyle.
  • Engaging in dishonest activities such as cheating, plagiarism, or unauthorized multiple submissions of course work.

Student warnings and dismissals are ultimately at the discretion of the administration of the Seminary, in consultation with the Board.

Student Status

Each student is classified according to the following guidelines:

Full Time Student
A student who is enrolled in 9 or more credit hours

Part Time Student
A student who is enrolled in 1-8 credit hours

Program Student

A student who has been admitted to one of the academic programs of Urbana Seminary (M.Div., M.A.R., Certificate)

Visiting Student

A student enrolled in coursework for credit who has not been admitted to one of the academic programs of the Seminary