In compliance with the Illinois Public Act 99-426, Preventing Sexual Violence in Higher Education, Urbana Theological Seminary is making the following information available.

What is sexual assault?

Sexual assault is sexual contact that is forced, coerced, or manipulated. One specific form of sexual assault is rape. Rape is when someone forces sex onto another. Sexual assault could come from any source, even someone close to the victim. Offenders could be a friend, relative, co-worker, or a classmate of the victim. Strangers or acquaintances are possible offenders, but certainly not the only ones. Sexual assault happens between people of both the same and different sex or gender. Sexual assault is against the law.

Consent, as defined by Illinois Public Act 99-426, is a freely given agreement to sexual activity. A person's lack of verbal or physical resistance or submission resulting from the use of threat or force does not constitute consent, nor does a person's manner of dress. A person's consent to past sexual activity does not constitute consent to future sexual activity. A person's consent to engage in sexual activity with one person does not constitute consent to engage in sexual activity with another. A person can withdraw their consent at any time. A person cannot consent to sexual activity if that person is unable to understand the nature of the activity or give knowing consent due to circumstances. This means that a person cannot give consent under the following circumstances: when incapacitated due to the influence of drugs or alcohol, when asleep or unconscious, when underage, or when incapacitated due to mental disability.

How could sexual assault be reported?

Sexual violence is a serious issue! If it is believed that sexual violence has occurred involving an Urbana Theological Seminary student-- such as (but not limited to) domestic violence, date violence, or stalking-- there are people here to help! It can be reported to any of the following:
Dr. Melody Green, Dean
Phone Number: (217) 365-9005
RACES (Rape,Advocacy,Counseling,and Education Services)
Rape Crisis Hotline:(217) 384-4444
City of Champaign Police Department: (217) 351-4545
City of Urbana Police Department: (217) 384-2320
Confidential Adviser: Janel Wager Janel Wagner

Reports to the seminary are kept confidential. This leaves the information about the situation under the victim's control-- the victim will decide to whom information can be provided and when that information should be known. Due to this, contacting the dean is not the same as contacting the police and/or pressing charges. The person who does the reporting will decide when or if this happens. Health It is important that, in the event that an incident involving sexual violence does happen, the victim gets proper care. • Carle Foundation Hospital: provides emergency care and evidence collection following sexual assault. Phone: 217.383.3313 • Presence Covenant Medical Center: provides emergency care and evidence collection following sexual assault. Phone: 217.337.2131 Counseling: Janel Wagner Training Beginning Spring 2017, a free online course will be available to all students through their populi account regarding preventing and responding to sexual assault. Student Rights Students have the right to confidentiality, as well to finish classes in a comfortable and safe environment while the issue is being resolved. We are also committed to helping our students begin a journey toward healing and wholeness. Contact the dean's office for more information.</p>  Also,in our Student Policies, the statement is made that “A student may be dismissed in the following cases: Behaviors in lifestyle incongruent with the mission and morality of Urbana Theological Seminary, or flagrant inconsistency in Christian lifestyle.” If, however, a student’s report of victimization reveals that the student was in some way violating the mission or morality of the seminary, that student would not be dismissed or receive any other retaliation for doing so, unless they have put other people at risk in doing so. For more information, request a copy of the comprehensive policy from the dean's office.