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The Director of the Christian Study Center of Champaign-Urbana will be responsible for running and maintaining the Christian Study Center. This position is also a fully-functional faculty position of the Seminary.

  • PhD or other terminal degree
  • The successful candidate will have solid interpersonal skills.
  • While this person will be responsible for events and programming, they will also need to have a heart for the growth and transformation of individuals.
Accountability and Evaluation:

The person in this position is responsible to the Dean of the Seminary and thus to the President of the Seminary, and through the President, to the Board.

  • The rank and title of the position will be determined by the Board of the Seminary.
  • The salary of the position will be determined by the personnel committee of the Board.

Strategic Leadership

  • Involvement with the Seminary Faculty in the Strategic Planning process for Urbana Theological Seminary.
  • Keeping current on the spiritual needs of U of I students, faculty, and administrators in order to find creative ways to address those needs (starting with resources provided by the dean’s office)
  • Planning and implementing long-term goals (strategic planning)
  • Vision casting: To share the vision and mission of the Center with people in the University community whom it seeks to serve, as well as to a broader public in search of financial and prayer support for the Center.
  • Fundraising: Specifically for personal salary and the expenses of an expanding ministry of the Study Center.


Management and Oversight

  • Programming and coordinating events
  • Operations/administration of the Study Center itself, including facilities when that stage is reached
  • Communication/marketing with local churches, parachurch ministries, and others who might be interested, working with the seminary’s director of Outreach and Marketing


Core Faculty

As a faculty member of the Seminary the Director will:

  • Be a participating member of the core faculty, which includes regular participation in faculty meetings and attending special seminary events (for example, lectures, presentations, prayer meetings, Founders Day, worship services, and community events).
  • Understand, design, and implement the vision of the Seminary
  • Teach the field of his/her discipline effectively in the classroom
    • The number of courses per academic year will usually be one. The determination of which courses to offer will be made in consultation with the Dean and Faculty on the basis of student population and interest and the duties of overseeing the Center.
  • As time allows, engage in research and writing for publication in the areas of specialization, in order to make a contribution to scholarship and build up the church.
  • Participate in the administration of the school. As time allows, carry out assigned administrative duties as needed, assigned, and negotiated.
  • Represent the school and its vision well to lay people in churches. As time allows and opportunities arise, to raise awareness in the community and region of the ministry of Urbana Seminary and to encourage financial giving to the Seminary based on personal contacts.