By including the Seminary in estate planning, or through creating a charitable trust to benefit your family and the school, your foresight can ensure an ongoing influence in the future. Assistance is available for planning lifetime and estate gifts that will move the Seminary to the next level of excellence.

Some possible ways in which you can give by planning for long-term future impact are listed below as examples.

  • By including the Seminary in your estate you can provide for a strategic bequest.
  • Some means of planned giving create significant resources for the Seminary at virtually no cost to the donor. Using land, property, or other assets it may be possible to create a stream of income for the school and also recoup the entire value of the investments.
  • Through creating a charitable trust the benefits will accrue to both your family and the school. In a charitable lead trust the donor places assets in a trust that will pay out assets to the Seminary for a period of years. When the trust matures, what is left goes back to the donor or other beneficiary. With a charitable remainder trust the income is paid to the donor for a period of time and then after the gift-deferral period the remaining assets come to the school.
  • A charitable gift annuity provides an annual amount of income for you in return for a gift to Urbana Theological Seminary.
  • Qualified estate plans may be deeded to the Seminary. Plans such as 401(k), 403(b), Keogh, and certain IRAs may receive favorable income tax treatment.
  • You may donate your residence to the Seminary, thereby receiving an immediate tax deduction while you continue to live on the property.
  • You may designate Urbana Theological Seminary as the beneficiary of one or more of your current life insurance policies.

If you would like to talk with someone about any of these, please contact Dr. Ken Cuffey at