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  • 27Feb 2018
    Taste of Seminary: A Genocidal God?

    Dr. Todd Daly The Old Testament contains several passages where God commands the annihilation of an entire people groups—men, women, children, and animals. These divinely-sanctioned instances of ‘violence against the innocent’ seem to run contrary to other Old Testament passages…

  • 10Apr 2018
    Veritas Forum: Science, Faith, Genesis

    Dr. John Walton will be giving a talk called “Science, Faith, Genesis:  A Modern Conversation and an Ancient Text.” April 10, 7:00 PM, 141 Loomis Lab, 1110 West Green St, Urbana IL, 61801 Many people in our time perceive a…

  • 11May 2018
    Fall Registration open

    Registration for Fall 2018 is now open! We have an exciting line up of fall classes listed on the homepage of this site, just under the current summer classes. If you are already a student, you can go into your populi account and register. If you have never taken a class here before, you can fill out a visiting student application that can be found under the big “apply now” button, and get it back to us! If you have questions, please contact mgreen@urbanatheologicalseminary.org. We hope to see you in classes this fall!

  • 15May 2018

    7:00 PM.  More information coming soon!

  • 23Aug 2018
    Interested in going to Seminary?

    Have you thought about seminary, but just aren’t sure? Do you have questions about what seminary is and why it matters? Do you want to know more about Urbana Theological Seminary? Then you will want to join us for an…