The MAR combines a strong foundation in the theological disciplines with the flexibility to choose electives tailored to individual interests. Perfect for any serious Christian, especially those intimately involved in ministry.

The Master of Arts in Religion degree builds on a basic framework of classes that makes certain the student will receive a biblical and theological foundation and experience studies in Practical Ministry. The flexibility of the overall design with a large percentage of elective hours allows the student to prepare for ministry in general or to concentrate preparation in one area of specialty. This maximizes the student’s freedom to pursue a program that will be of practical use for a future vocation. The Master of Arts in Religion assumes no prior coursework in any specific field other than the student having earned a bachelor’s degree. Students who might desire to pursue this degree include those who aim to enter a vocational ministry of varied types such as in a campus or parachurch ministry, in evangelism, in social outreach, in a specialized position on a church staff, or with a mission organization. Individuals who aspire to further study beyond the master’s degree level in a specific academic discipline can concentrate their electives in the area of desired specialization.

  1. The student will be equipped with a broad foundation of understanding in the theological disciplines of Biblical Studies, Church History, and Theology.
  2. The student will impart resources and skills for understanding and reflecting on Christian faith and applying that faith to life and mission.
  3. The student will be prepared for service in a variety of ministry roles through exposing the student to areas of Practical Ministry that will prove useful in future vocation.
  4. The student will be allowed the opportunity for focused elective coursework in an area of study that will become a specialization in ministry or serve as a foundation for pursuing further advanced study of an academic area.

Biblical Studies - 8 hrs
BI 501 Old Testament Survey, 3 hrs
BI 502 New Testament Survey, 3 hrs
BI 510 Inductive Bible Study Methods, 2 hrs

Christian History & Thought - 15 hrs
CH 501 History of Christianity 1, 3 hrs
CH 502 History of Christianity 2, 3 hrs
CT 501 Theology 1, 3 hrs
CT 502 Theology 2, 3 hrs
CT 600 Theology and Contemporary Issues, 3 hrs

Practical Ministry - 3 hrs
Any 3 hours selected from the following: FM 501, 502, 503

Interdisciplinary - 2 hrs
GN 500 Introduction to Graduate Research and Study, 0 hr
GN 700 Integrative Seminar, 2 hrs

ELECTIVES - 20 hrs
A student in the Master of Arts in Religion degree program may take the 20 hours of electives by selecting from courses in all three of the academic areas. Alternatively, the student may choose to concentrate coursework mostly in one area of specialization.