“Life Happens!” and You Can Help

Sometimes, Life Happens. Sometimes it happens to all of us, and no one ever expects it. Whether it is unexpected medical bills, the loss of a job, or unplanned demands from providing for a family, unexpected crises happen. In fact, several of our students here at Urbana Seminary have had unexpected things making it difficult, if not impossible, to pay their tuition. We, the faculty and administration, know that each of these is a person with a heart for the Lord and a deep passion for ministry. We are confident that their training will be put to excellent use and that God will make a significant impact through each life, using the things they have learned here. While we are not sharing their names in order to protect their privacy, we can say that we have solid proof of both their calling and passion–for example, two are involved in planting new churches and are modelling a willingness to step out in faith, trusting God. But because the unexpected has happened, they are now behind on their tuition bills, which adds even more stress to their already stressful situations.

So here is where you come in: we would love to raise the funds to pay off the back tuition for these students. We would especially love to have this taken care of by early December, so that those students won’t have to worry about tuition as well as everything else during the Christmas season, and can instead focus on God and the gifts he has given us through his Son, Jesus Christ. So starting immediately and running until December 2 (Giving Tuesday), we are asking you to pray and consider making a one-time gift to the Seminary’s “Life Happens” fund. We will use these gifts towards the tuition bills of a handful of students who have been screened by the faculty and administration. If you feel called to join with us, there are three ways you can donate to the “Life Happens” fund:
1–you can mail in a check and write “Life Happens” in the memo line.
2–you can use the response form to get us your credit card info and write “Life Happens” on the form.
3–you can set up a one time gift through paypal at this address: http://www.urbanatheologicalseminary.org/giving/
It will be an investment well worth it. You touch the lives of worthy students and offer a “helping hand” to recover from the unexpected in life and keep on course with preparation for their futures. You also share in the impact they will make in the lives of those they will touch in the years to come.

If you have questions about this fund, feel free to contact Dr. Cuffey at kcuffey@urbanatheologicalseminary.org or Dr. Green at mgreen@urbanatheologicalseminary.org
Thank you!