Welcome to the library catalog! Feel free to browse around; if you need assistance finding material or have questions feel free to e-mail mgreen@urbanatheologicalseminary.org or call 217-365-9005 and ask to speak to Dr. Green.

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  1. The search box automatically acts as a keyword search (like google). To narrow your search try using one of the following operators before your search term.
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  2. You can also use the subjects tab to browse for books on a specific subject. To find commentaries on a specific book look under the subject heading for that book, for example Bible. -- O.T. -- Genesis or Bible. -- N.T. -- John -- Commentaries
  3. Some journals are not listed in the catalog. If in doubt, contact the Librarian directly.
  4. If you’re having problems, contact me and I’ll try to help.
  5. If a book is marked "Remote Storage" it is still accessible! Either place a hold request on the item or you can e-mail me your request including the following information: title, author, date, edition and volume (if relevant), and location. You will be contacted when the item is available.