Internet Sources for Research

There are many useful sources available, but they need to be evaluated carefully. UC Berkeley provides some helpful tips on its site: Evaluating Web Pages: Techniques to Apply & Questions to Ask. More general research strategies are outlined on UIUC’s undergraduate library’s page Undergraduate Library -How do I…?
In addition to these links, lists of helpful web resources are available in David Stewart’s “The Literature of Theology” on pages 136-142 (REF. Z 7751 .L5 2003). An annotated collection of online religion databases of varying quality, put out by Andover Newton Theological School’s Franklin Trask Library can also be found at

Franklin Trask Library/IT: Internet Resources

and a good general website index can be found on the

Librarians' Internet Index


This list is neither authoritative nor comprehensive. This list does not indicate an endorsement of any site by the Urbana Theological Seminary Library. It has been created solely to facilitate student research, and should be used with discretion. URLs are accurate at the time of distribution.