The Certificate allows a student to explore the theological curriculum. Opens the door to missions, further study, or serving God in lay positions.

The Graduate Certificate of Christian Studies is intended for the person who has a personal calling to deeply understand the Christian faith and be equipped for effective lay ministry within the church and in the community at large. It is also appropriate for certain types of missionary service. The program requires an exposure to each area of the Seminary curriculum and allows significant latitude to explore a student’s specific personal interests during the elective component (which comprises fully a third of the program). The Certificate is ideal for those who would supplement their college studies with a year in seminary and who are not seeking an advanced degree. Both the recent college graduate and the more mature learner will find the Certificate a valuable resource to better equip themselves for service in a church as a layperson. The Certificate also accommodates those who wish to explore seminary study. A Certificate meets the requirement of many missions boards that expect a candidate for cross-cultural ministry to pursue a year of graduate study at a seminary. It is also well suited to those seeking a specialized ministry, allowing the student to gain the background and skills necessary in areas such as worship, discipleship, or spiritual formation.

  1. The student will understand more fully and deeply the Christian faith, his or her own personal calling, and the world mission of the church.
  2. The student will have a background knowledge, resources, and analytical thinking skills to understand the integration of the Christian faith within his or her profession and life calling.
  3. The student will be equipped for effective lay ministry within the church or in the marketplace and for certain types of missionary service.

Biblical Studies - 6 hrs
Christian History and Thought - 6 hrs
Practical Ministry - 6 hrs

Interdisciplinary - 0 hrs
GN 500 Introduction to Graduate Research and Study, 0 hrs



The following courses are recommended for Certificate students to include in their studies in order to get a breadth of exposure to the varied parts of the Seminary curriculum.

Biblical Studies
BI 501 Old Testament Survey, 3 hrs
BI 502 New Testament Survey, 3 hrs
BI 510 Inductive Bible Study Methods, 2 hrs

Christian History & Thought
CH 501 History of Christianity 1, 3 hrs
CH 502 History of Christianity 2, 3 hrs
CT 501 Theology 1, 3 hrs
CT 502 Theology 2, 3 hrs
CT 510 Christian Ethics, 3 hrs

Practical Ministry
FM 502 Spiritual Formation and Discipleship, 3 hrs