Founders Day 2014

Every Spring Urbana Seminary observes Founders Day.  For 2014 it’s today, April 12th!

What is Founders Day and why do we observe it?  It’s a day to commemorate the hand of God in our founding as a school, to remember the people who made sacrifices and gave gifts, who prayed and created and worked.  Founders Day is a time to say thank you to all who have helped and played a part, to register our gratitude to God for his hand overseeing the creation of a new ministry here.

Urbana Seminary was founded in 2002.  In 12 years so much has happened.

  • The decision to seek stand alone status as a school
  • The pledge of a significant gift that enabled the Seminary to launch (April 26, 2002)
  • The gathering of a core of people with a heart for the work who began the process of designing a curriculum, teaching and serving students, and applying for state approvals.
  • Dedication of the new suite of offices at 314 E Daniel (April, 2004)
  • Granting of Operating Authority by theIllinoisBoard of Higher Education (April 5, 2005)
  • First graduation of two Certificate students (May, 2005)
  • Granting of Degree Granting Authority by the IL Board of Higher Education (December 4, 2007)
  • Launching of the first Founders Fund campaign (April, 2011)
  • Launching of the 10th anniversary celebration year (April, 2012)

Praise God!  We celebrate his guidance and involvement in all that has happened.  You’ll notice that in the selection of events listed above there are a number that occurred in April, hence our choosing April each year for Founders Day.  And much more—each successive year another graduation (2014 is our 10th annual!); other significant donations that have ministered to our students and staff; a growing library; beginnings of accreditation processes; additions to the faculty and student services staff; a succession of students who have come to study and grow and get equipped.

This is a kingdom ministry to train God’s servants for His glory.

Unless the LORD build the house,

The builders labor in vain. 

Psalm 127:1a

If God’s not in it, it won’t get anywhere.  But if God is in it, He will prevail and work His purposes through our human efforts.  Looking back it seems clear that God has been in this!

Three follow-throughs to mark Founders Day 2014:

  • I encourage you to join me to praise God that he has established a seminary in such a strategic location for the kingdom and to represent Christ.  And look forward with real anticipation to what He will yet do through Urbana Seminary—pray for us for the future and God’s continued provision and direction.
  • Come to graduation this year.  It’s May 23rd, 6:00 PM, at the Chapel of St John the Divine Episcopal Church, near the university campus.  And you’re invited!  Instead of hosting a separate Founders Day event this year we would love to have our community supporters and friends come to see and hear from those who take their training and go out to serve the Lord.
  • On the Founders theme, remember the Founders Fund Campaign.  You will receive more info about this in the near future.  To have a growing circle of financial supporters is essential for the Seminary to move forward into the future to the glory of God.  We cannot do it without you.  This is an urgent ministry.  A huge thanks to those who already give.  And an encouragement to those who don’t yet to consider 2014 as the year you begin to give regularly to the Seminary’s ministry.