Spring Semester 2015 is drawing near! Classes begin next week. In this week’s blog, learn why you want to take a specific class we are offering this semester: The Book of Exodus, taught by Dr. Ken Cuffey. Dr. Cuffey explains:

In December Exodus (the movie) hit the theaters. Now you have a chance to study Exodus (the book!) to find out what really happened, and what it has to do with your life. And what an adventure this will be . . . who wouldn’t want to come along for this one? Why take a class about Exodus?

It’s dramatic and exciting.
• There’s a bush that burns but won’t burn up.
• A whole series of totally devastating plagues. Do you know their theological significance? They have a very pointed message.
• A mass escape from oppression.
• A Sea whose waters part and form a pathway to freedom for a large crowd of people.
• Finding food and drink out in the desert where no one expects to find it.
• An imposing mountain where a whole people have a direct encounter with God. And thunder and lightning, quaking ground, trumpet blast, thick clouds.
• Creation of a new nation.
• An amazing story of God’s forgiveness and grace. Yes, this is the Old Testament.
• God moving into the neighborhood, just down the street.

This adventure doesn’t leave you hanging. The book of Exodus picks up the story line from Genesis and fills in how God came through on the first of his promises from Genesis 12. How, you ask? Which promise is that? Does it still apply to me?

This book has such a colorful cast of characters: two lowly Hebrew midwives who best Pharaoh, an innovative Hebrew couple, Moses, the daughter of a king, Miriam, Aaron, a harsh oppressing Pharaoh, a stubborn and hard-hearted Pharaoh, chariots chasing, an army of Amalekites attacking, birds flying over, and so much more.

Exodus is part of God’s Word, so God uses it to speak to us. It’s an ancient book describing events more than 3000 years ago, but it still is relevant to our lives—today in 2015.

Exodus tells another part of the story leading to the coming of Messiah Jesus.

It’s available for us. You can read the book. You can even study the book—together with a class of other committed followers of Christ who love God and his Word.

What a great way to spend your Wednesday nights (6-9 PM) between the end of January and beginning of May!

For more information about the class or how to register for it for credit or to audit, call the Seminary office (217-365-9005) or check out the website (start with www.urbanatheologicalseminary.org/courses/spring )
We hope to see you in class!