Call to Prayer

In the atmosphere of heightened anxiety over the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s nothing more appropriate for us than to express our faith in prayer. As you know the school now has capacity for using Zoom to conduct courses or meetings. I’d like to invite you each to come pray with us at the Seminary, by Zoom! This is to announce two prayer times for the Seminary community to meet on Zoom and pray for the situation, for God’s purposes, and for each other.

The first one will be this Monday, April 13, starting at 1:15 PM. This is the time of the weekly Faculty & Staff prayer time–for this week we are expanding it to include anyone in the Seminary community who’d like to come together to pray.

For Prayer on Monday 4/13–For our meeting at 1:15, I will host on Zoom. Due to security concerns, we cannot post the Zoom URL publicly. If you did not receive an email with the Zoom URL, please email to receive a copy of it.

There will be a second Seminary Community Zoom Prayer Gathering on Friday April 24th at 4 PM. Same address and meeting ID unless you hear otherwise.

Come join us, let’s pray!!