Expressing God’s love well is a learned skill. We’re told that to understand others’ lives and truly convey love to them, we should walk a mile in their shoes. How can we “do unto others as we would have them do unto us” in our increasingly multicultural world? We’ll gain insight as we read about missionary lives, watch films about other cultures, explore the lives of those who have experienced them, and discuss the challenges of living ‘on mission’ wherever God takes us. This class will be stretching and fun!

The tentative syllabus for this class can be viewed online here.

View a personal invitation from Dr. Alexander to join her class this Fall here on our Seminary YouTube channel.

About the Professor
Dr. Anne Alexander grew up and served as an OMF missionary in Taiwan for more than 40 years, teaching in churches, a Bible College and several seminaries. After a BA in cross-cultural communication (1975) and an MA in Broadcast Communication (1981), Anne earned a Doctorate of Intercultural Studies (D.I.S.) in 2019 from Biola. While mobilizing new missionaries with OMF US, she equips others around the world to learn and tell Bible stories for evangelism and discipleship through BibleTelling. Dr. Alexander lives in Bloomington, Illinois.

Anne Alexander