A Clarity in Context Course

What was it like to follow Christ in an epicenter of secular power and false spirituality? Why was Ephesus a strategic center for the Gospel mission of the 1st century church? What can we learn from this for today?

This class offers an introduction to 1st century Ephesus as an early context for the faith of Jesus followers. The church in Ephesus provides a context for us today to think about how to live out our new life in Christ individually and in community. It also provides a paradigm for strategic mission and ministry today. Focusing on everything in the New Testament relating to the city of Ephesus as well as its cultural context, this class will begin by exploring how the church was established in the shadow of paganism and superstition (Acts), then will explore Paul’s letters to the church as a window into understanding our life in Christ (Ephesians, 1 Timothy, and 2 Timothy). From there, the class will examine John’s ministry and the letter to Ephesus in Revelation.