Join us in exploring the spirituality of the native Christian faith of the British Isles. The course gives special attention to the forms, content, and emphases of Celtic Christian prayer and how these can be applied today. Theological themes include God as Trinity; the goodness, grace, and presence of God in creation; and a theology of place and journeying. Get acquainted with Patrick, Brigid, Columba, Iona, Aidan, Brendan, Columbanus, Lindisfarne, Anamchara (soul friend), the Book of Kells, Carmina Gadelica, and more. We will explore how Celtic Christian theological, ascetical, and devotional themes are expressed in Celtic spiritual practices, poems, hymns, literature, artwork, and symbols. We also examine contemporary appropriation of early Celtic themes in the imaginative literature of George MacDonald, church work of George MacLeod, and current revival of interest among Christians in all things Celtic.