Corinthian Correspondence

written by Dr. Laura Brenneman

To all of you interested, intrigued, or flat-out frustrated with the Apostle Paul, here is your opportunity to delve deeper into some of his most interesting writing. Sign up to take BI 605-190 Corinthian Correspondence, which runs June 3-20, 2013 (3 credit hours), with Dr. Laura Brenneman, specialist in Pauline studies. These letters offer a unique view into the life of the early church, a life in which a diverse people were working out their identities as people of God, the many-gifted church of Christ, in relation to the wider church movement. Sound familiar? If you think about how the Bible relates to matters of church conflict, leadership in the church, unity in the midst of diversity, and discipleship in Christ, this is the class for you! Class meets Monday-Thursday, 12:30-4:30 p.m.