Celtic Christian Service

This coming Sunday evening, Urbana Theological Seminary will be holding this semester’s student-led worship service. Since we offered a class in Celtic Christian Spirituality last semester, this worship service will have a Celtic Christian theme. While there are many different aspects of Celtic Christianity, UTS student Margaret Shrock explains a few things that she gained from the class:
“As we reflect on Celtic Christian spirituality it gives us new perspectives that can enrich our understanding and practice of our faith in the 21st century. We, too, can realize that the spiritual is much closer than we may have been aware. God is all around us and He can be called upon at all times. Even the mundane tasks of life can be infused with spiritual meaning when viewed as done in the presence of God and with His help. We can view our spiritual life as dynamic rather than static. Viewing ourselves as travelers rather than settlers can help us as we make decisions and face difficulties and ultimately death. When we don’t see this earth as our final home, we have hope and anticipation for our true and future home. Our journey is not our destination so we can continue on in hope even when the traveling is tough. And we can incorporate prayer in our journey. Praying scripture, praying in our daily activities and praying for God’s presence and protection can enrich our awareness of God’s care. When we see God as closer than our breath it is only logical to speak to him with each breath. When we view nature as praising Him we can join in with this ongoing song of praise. I’ve enjoyed learning about Celtic Christian Spirituality. I now see the themes reflected in modern Christian writing, teaching and thoughts. It may be ancient, it may be romanticized, but it can bring a fresh perspective to our faith that can breathe new vitality into us.”
To learn more about what Celtic Christianity involves, or simply to share a worship service with other Urbana Seminary students, friends, and supporters, be sure to join us Sunday evening at 6:00 at Hessel Park Christian Reformed Church, 700 W Kirby Ave
Champaign, IL. There will be a potluck afterwards, so feel free to bring a dish to share! (But if you don’t like to cook, don’t feel that you have to–there will be plenty to go around). If you have any questions or would like to RSVP, e-mail mgreen@urbanatheologicalseminary.org We hope you can join us!