• 03Jun 2019
    Start of Summer Semester

    This summer we are offering four excellent classes: “What is the Gospel?” taught by Dr. Peter Spychalla; “George MacDonald: An Introduction” taught by Dr. Melody Green; “Echoes of Jesus: The Sermon on the Mount Through History” taught by Dr. Joe…

  • 26Feb 2019
    Taste of Seminary: Is it Time for a Reformation? The Effects of Worship on Spiritual Formation

    We will consider how culture has influenced our worship (and its music) and our spiritual formation.  In addition, we will investigate how worship (and its music) has influenced our spiritual formation and potentially the culture.  Thinking about these relationships will…

  • 19Feb 2019
    Taste of Seminary: Erasmus and the Biblical Revolution

    The Christian humanist Erasmus reformed the 16th century Roman Catholic church and european society through education with his landmark translation of the Greek New Testament and countless other satirical writings.  But he spent much of his life at odds with…

  • 12Feb 2019
    Taste of Seminary: George MacDonald: Pastor, Novelist, Scientist

    In more than one place, C. S. Lewis described the Scottish pastor George MacDonald as his “master.”  Not is MacDonald credited with creating the contemporary genre of fantasy, but he also wrote realistic novels that address issues that still matter…

  • 05Feb 2019
    Taste of Seminary: “What is the Gospel”?

    Does the good news we communicate match the robust, holistic, multi-aspectual gospel of the Scriptures?  Or is it diminished, truncated, shrunken, and possibly distorted?  Join us in reflecting on the biblical theology of the gospel. This is the first of…

  • 11Apr 2019
    Veritas Forum

    info coming soon!

  • 04Mar 2019
    Seventh Annual Preaching Forum

    We live in an age where people are less and less familiar with Scripture. As God’s spokespeople, do we adopt methods that point to the authority, clarity, and relevance of God’s Word? Or do we preach in a manner that actually tends to undermine people’s confidence that they can hear from God in his Word?

  • 23Feb 2019
    Tolkien Conference

    Date has been changed:  check here for future updates!

  • 06May 2019
    Final Exams

    The Week of final exams runs from Monday, May 6th through Friday, May 10th.   Make up sessions of classes may also occur during this week, at faculty discretion.

  • 25Mar 2019
    Spring semester resumes

    Spring break ends and courses begin again on Monday, March 25th.  The office and library will return to their regular hours.