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BI 502: New Testament Survey

   You will also be required to buy a packet of notes for the class, and have any translation of the new testament in English.

Recommended titles:


BI 605  Biblical Book Study Ruth & Jonah:

Required texts:
And chose ONE from this list: 
And ONE from this list:  

BI 610 200 Hebrew Exegesis Ruth & Jonah:

Required texts:
Choose one of the following:
AND one of these:


The following titles are helpful supplemental material:


CT 501 100 Theology 2

TH 620  Christian Ethics

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CT 740 400 Early Christian Writers

These editions of the following titles are required:
Any edition of the following textbooks is acceptable, but these are the recommended ones:

CT 740 105: Ancient China:  Its Christian Roots

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CT 740 352: Bible Storybooks: A Hermeneutical Experiment

You will also need access to a variety of children’s Bible storybooks.


CH 502 100: History of World Christianity 2

Note: The videos listed here, as well as the other required videos, are also available to be checked out from the seminary library for one week at a time.

CH 603: The Reformation

FM 740 100: Reading and Praying Scripture for Spiritual Transformation