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New Faculty Publications

Dr. Daly’s new book, Chasing Methuselah: Theology, the Body, and Slowing Human Aging, was just published in February 2021!

Fall 2022 Book Lists

BL 501 100: New Testament Greek I

  • Mounce, William D. Basics of Biblical Greek Grammar. Fourth Edition. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2019. ISBN-10: 0310537436. ISBN-13: 978-0-310-53743-4.
  • Mounce, William D. Basics of Biblical Greek Workbook. Fourth Edition. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2019. ISBN-10: 0310537479. ISBN-13: 978-0-310-53747-2.

Note: Please make sure you get the fourth edition and not any prior edition!

PM 740 110: Launching, Landing & Leaving: Preparing for the Missions Adventure

Required Texts
  • Eenigenburg, Sue & Robynn Bliss. Expectations and Burnout: Women Surviving the Great Commission. William Carey Library. ISBN 978-0-87808-523-1.
  • Mischke, Werner. The Global Gospel: Achieving Missional Impact in Our Multicultural World. Mission ONE. ISBN 978-0-9848128-5-1 (paper); 978-0-9848128-7-5 (ebook).
  • Richards, E. Randolph & Richard James. Misreading Scripture with Individualist Eyes: Patronage, Honor, and Shame in the Biblical World. IVP Academic. ISBN 978-8308-5725-8 (print); 978-8308-4379-4 (ebook).
  • Thompson, Curt. The Soul of Desire: Discovering the Neuroscience of Longing, Beauty, and Community. IVP. ISBN 978-1-5140-0210-0.
  • Thompson, Curt. The Soul of Shame: Retelling the Stories We Believe About Ourselves. IVP. ISBN 978-0-8308-4433-3.
  • Trotter, Elizabeth & Jonathan Trotter. Serving Well: Help for the Wannabe, Newbie, or Weary Cross-cultural Christian Worker. RESOURCE Publications. ISBN 978-1-5326-5854-9 (paper); 978-5326-5855-6 (ebook).
Recommended Texts / Resources
  • Amalraj, John, Geoffrey W. Hahn & William D. Taylor. Spirituality in Missions: Embracing the Lifelong Journey. William Carey Library. ISBN 978-0878080564 (paper).
  • Chaplin, Melissa. Returning Well: Your Guide to Thriving Back “Home” After Serving Cross-Culturally. Newton Publishers. ISBN 978-0-9863426-0-8.
  • Dormer, Jan Edwards. Language Learning in Ministry: Preparing for Cross-Cultural Language Acquisition.William Carey Publishing. ISBN 978-1-64508-323-8 (paper); 978-1-64508-325-2 (mobi); 978-1-64508-326-9 (epub).
  • Joannes, David. The Mind of a Missionary: What Global Kingdom Workers Tell Us About Thriving On Mission Today. Within Reach Global, Inc.. ISBN 978-0-9980611-5-3 (paper); ISBN 978-0-9980611-6-0 (ebook).
  • Koehler, Paul. Telling God’s Stories with Power: Biblical Storytelling in Oral Cultures. William Carey Library.ISBN 978-0-87808-465-4.
  • Purgason, Kitty Barnhouse. Professional Guidelines for Christian English Teachers. William Carey Library. ISBN 978-0-87808-497-5 (paper); 978-0-87808-654-2 (ebook).
  • Young, Amy. Getting Started: Making the Most of Your First Year in Cross-Cultural Service. ISBN 978-1089567516.
  • Livingood, Ellen. Your FOCUS on the World: A Step-by-Step Guide to Leading Your Whole Church into Maximum Global Impact. 2010. Catalyst Services, Newton, PA. www.catalystservices.org
  • Horner, David. When Missions Shapes the Mission: You and Your Church Can Reach the World. 2011. Broadman & Holman s.


Faculty Publications

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