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Class Textbooks

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BI 501 Old Testament Survey

You will also need the note packet that will be sold in class, and a modern translation of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament.

Recommended Titles

BI 620 Wisdom Books

CT 501 100 Theology 1

The following books are not required, but highly recommended:

CT 600 100 Theology and Contemporary Issues

The following titles are not required, but recommended:

CH 501 100: History of World Christianity 1

Note: The videos listed here, as well as the other required videos, are available to be checked out from the seminary library for one week at a time.

CT 740 330  G. K. Chesterton: An Introduction


There will also be a collection of essays, poems and a stage play available through populi.

REL 104

 You will also need a modern translation of the Hebrew Bible/ Old Testament and a packet of class notes you will be purchasing in class.

Highly Recommended