Urbana Theological Seminary aspires to excellence in the training it provides, both in its academic quality and in the ability to help students integrate what they have learned into fruitful ministry. The generous annual support of many donors who share our vision provides the resources that can make this a reality.

Gifts to the Annual Fund are put towards yearly operating expenses. These funds help to bridge the gap between the cost of tuition and the actual cost of providing an education. The tuition an Urbana Theological Seminary student pays covers only around 25% of the cost of providing that education. The cost for tuition for a three credit course is $925. However, if the student were expected to pay the entire cost for the course, the tuition charge for the one course would be more than triple that amount. Hence, the actual cost of providing a seminary education far exceeds what students pay by a ratio of 4:1. For example, if a full-time student were to owe $2,900 for tuition and books, the cost of providing that same training actually would be $11,600. A semester bill of $2,900 is daunting enough for most students, especially considering the pay they will receive once graduated. Imagine how discouraging to face a price tag of 4 times that amount!

There is a steadily growing need for more and more well-trained men and women in vocational ministry positions round the world. If students needed to absorb the full cost of their education, many fewer would be able to afford theological training for ministry. We want training to be accessible to as many as possible. Let’s keep future candidates for ministry from being saddled with debt! Together we can open doors so that men and women with hearts dedicated to Christ and His cause are able to gain the tools they need to serve Him most effectively. Your support for the Annual Fund will allow Urbana Theological Seminary to award more financial aid, purchase library resources, provide more student services, upgrade facilities and equipment, and recruit additional faculty.

Matching Gifts

Many businesses and companies will choose to match the gifts that their employees make to nonprofit organizations, such as Urbana Theological Seminary. A "Matching Gift" program will match the contribution with a gift of an equal dollar amount. Some firms will actually match the gift with a contribution of two or three times the cash value.

In most "Matching Gift" programs a company will have established guidelines and procedures to be followed. Often there will be an office that will work with the employees in this process. If your firm does not have such a program, this might be an opportune time to suggest that one be started as a way that the company could demonstrate its commitment to charitable giving. The Development Department of Urbana Theological Seminary will be happy to work with you in completing the necessary forms and applications.