Welcome to the Urbana Theological Seminary Bookstore!  To find books and other items for a specific class, scroll down until you find that class.  Other books can be found here, too–books relating to upcoming events, books by our faculty,  and even  faculty recommendations!  So, you are more than welcome to visit our bookstore for more than just textbooks–next time you are looking for a good book to read, check us out!

Attending This Year’s Preaching Forum?  Here are a few titles by this year’s speaker Doug Sweeney:

Going on our Israel Trip? Here is the title Dr. Cuffey recommends:

Interested in what our faculty have been working on?  Here are a few Faculty Titles:

Class Textbooks

Summer 2018 textbooks

BI 740 250: Sermon on the Mount, Virtue Ethics, and Human Flourishing

Titles coming soon!

CT 740 210: The Doctrine of Election

Titles coming soon!

CT 740 360: The Christian Vision of Madeleine L’Engle

  (one or two more titles will be coming soon!)




BI 501 New Testament Survey

Products from Amazon.com

You will also need the following:

Packet of class notes on “The New Testament,” available through Urbana Seminary office, produced by LAD Custom Publishing.

A modern translation of the New Testament

A set of colored pens/pencils. We recommend these: 

BI 605 Book of First Peter

Products from Amazon.com

Products from Amazon.com

BL 611 Greek Exegetical Study: 1 Peter


CH 502  History of World Christianity, Part 2

Latourette, K.S. (1975). A History of Christianity: Reformation to the Present. (Vol. 2) New York: Harper

& Row, Publishers, Inc.    This book is currently out of print.  You will need to search used booksellers for a copy.


All DVDs are also available to be checked out from the seminary library.  Two more DVDs, Sister Aimee:  Saint or Sinner and Till My Last Breath: The Inspiring Story of Sunday Adelaja are not currently available for sale, but can be found in the seminary library.

CT 502 Theology II

Required Texts:

Recommended Texts:

  (recommended texts can also be found in the Reference Section of the Library)

CT 520  Apologetics

Required Texts:

Recommended Texts:

CT 740 330  G. K. Chesterton: An Introduction


There will also be a collection of essays, poems and a stage play available through populi.

PM 505 100 Intro to Christian Counseling

PM 555 World Religions